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Transport Norway

A2 Logistics is your agent for transport to Norway.

Do you have furniture or a pallet that needs to be shipped to Oslo? Or do you have a product that needs to be delivered frost-free to icy Norway? A2 Logistics is your agent for transport to Norway. We act as agents between customers wishing to have freight collected or dispatched, and hauliers with Norway as their final or intermediate destination.

vrachtwagen rijdend over een snelweg vanuit de lucht

The route for transport to Norway

A2 Logistics dispatches a range of different types of freight. Much of this freight is collected in our distribution centre in Den Bosch. There, shipments are sorted, carefully packed, and where possible combined with other shipments destined for Norway.

How does it work

Transport taking this form – groupage – permits attractively low charges. Once it has been readied for dispatch, your shipment travels by land, and partly also by sea. Depending upon the ultimate destination, short sea shipping passes across the Skagerrak, the North Sea or the Norwegian Sea. A local haulier in Norway collects the containers from the vessel.

Close cooperation with local parties

When shipping to Norway, we work closely with local partners who are most familiar with the country, practices and rules. Your products are delivered in perfect condition. Everything is taken care of for you – including the necessary customs and insurance documentation. Since Norway is not in the EU, this is very important.

More information on transport to Norway

Would you like a no-obligation quote, for example for transport from the Netherlands to Norway? If so, contact us directly. On weekdays, you will receive a competitive estimate of the cost of your shipment (whether to Norway or another international destination) within half an hour. We are your reliable partner.

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