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Transport Finland

A2 Logistics has specialized for many years in arranging transport to and from Finland.

A2 Logistics has specialized for many years in arranging transport to and from Finland. Finland is in fact one of the countries to which we ship most frequently. Are you also looking for an agent to take care of your shipment to Finland? If so, we are the people to talk to.

vrachtwagen rijdend over een snelweg vanuit de lucht

Transport Finland

We have been involved in transport to Finland for many years, in conjunction with local carriers and our own agents, who are familiar with the local routes and hazards. Our shipments for you from the Netherlands to Finland (for example your transport to Helsinki) are routed by short sea shipping, i.e. partly overland, partly by sea. Upon their arrival in Finland, the shipping containers are collected from the vessel by our carrier and transported to their final destination. Here too, time can be saved by transport over land.

Dependable transport to and from Finland

A2 Logistics is in close contact with all its carriers every day. We also ensure that our shipments to and from Finland are performed solely by dependable contractors who handle your consignment with the greatest of care. We deal with everything on behalf of your company, including furnishing valid proof of delivery.

Do you have only a small consignment to ship?

If so, we would be happy to help you find the most efficient way of transporting it to Finland. In this case we can offer you the option of groupage shipment to Finland. All shipments destined for Finland are loaded into one container in this case. This results in optimum utilization of the container, and the costs can be shared between several customers. This also reduces the Carbon footprint.

Therefore do not hesitate to ask us about the options for shipping your hazardous products, heated freight, machinery or other freight. As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

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